Summer Reading

You will find general information for each grade level, required reading for each grade, assignments for books for Classes Five through Eight, and a record sheet for recording summer reading. This record sheet, for Prekindergarten through Class Four, and the books to be purchased for Class Four should be brought to school on the first day.  In addition, the written assignments and the required books for Classes Five through Eight should all be brought to class on the first day of school. 

As you will see, there is required reading at every grade level—either a number of books from the reading list or specific titles for older children.  These are minimum requirements.  We hope that you will require more of your children—all the way through Class Eight.  There are wonderful titles on our lists—books that are truly worthwhile for them to read.  Summer leisure time can be a mental waste, or it can be a time to expand the minds and horizons of your children through the great habit of reading.  Read a variety of genres: biography, fiction, history, among others.

If your child is an advanced reader, he or she may enjoy reading books from the lists for higher grades.

You might even develop your own incentive program for books read over the summer—think creatively!  Let this be the summer that your family reads more books, together and individually, than ever before.   

Remember:  Readers are leaders!

To open the PDF document, click on your child’s grade level below:

Summer Reading Record Sheet (for PK-Class Eight)

PK and Kindergarten

Classes One and Two

Class Three

Class Four

Class Five Letter Regarding Summer Reading

Class Five

Class Six Letter Regarding Summer Reading

Class Six

Class Seven

Class Eight Summer Reading 2020 Letter

Class Eight Summer Reading 2020 – 1776 Notes

Class Eight Summer Reading 2020 – The Chosen Quotes and Notes

Class Eight Summer Reading 2020 Killer Angels Quotes and Notes


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