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Providence would not be where we are today without the generosity from so many in our community. If you would like to give, we ask that you prayerfully consider the amount the Lord wants you to contribute. 



Every year, Providence families generously support the Annual Fund so that our faculty and staff are equipped with the tools they need to prepare a new generation of students for purposeful service. It is the School's largest fundraiser and allows us to enhance our programs and curriculum, cover the operating budget, make necessary facility repairs, and offer tuition adjustments to qualifying families. 

Our prayer is that 100% of our community would participate on or before September 21, by giving in the following ways:


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Our Commitment to Stewardship

It is our commitment to you, our families, employees, and God to practice biblical stewardship with the funds we have been given. Stewardship is the realization that everything we have in our lives—our time, our talents, our resources, and our families—are gracious gifts from God, and that He owns it all, not just a fraction or percentage. It is our responsibility, therefore, to wisely, intelligently, and carefully manage all that we have been given by God in a way that pleases Him.



Providence exhibits a stewardship of resources in the following ways (among many others):

  • Endowment: Providence is committed to raising the endowment funds sufficient that eventually no child would be unable to obtain a Providence education because of his or her family’s inability to pay the full cost of that education. 
  • Administrative Leanness: Providence is committed to administrative leanness so that most of its budget goes directly to teaching instruction.
  • Simplicity in Fundraising Events: Providence encourages an atmosphere in which the simpler things in life are valued. Therefore, the School chooses not to raise funds through elaborate social events that demand a tremendous number of volunteer hours and a great deal of expense, thereby excluding families who cannot afford to participate in such events. 
  • Wise Use of Resources: Providence is committed to wise and frugal use of our resources ensuring that a Providence education is not only the best education available, but also the best value. 



Fundraising Events

Providence is committed to not exhausting parents with multiple fundraisers.
There are only three major fundraising opportunities in the school year, most of which are intentionally centered around our love of reading. 




This long-standing Providence tradition brings to our school community a literal treasure-trove of the finest, time-honored children’s literature. It not only features popular in-print classics, but also wonderful vintage out-of-print books and classic reprints. It is a tremendous opportunity for parents to build family libraries that will enrich their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. All proceeds raised at the Book Fair go to scholarship fund.




Our Reading Rally engages the entire student body and their families in a major reading effort. After students have secured their reading rally sponsors, they read diligently for a three-week period. The students typically read a total of over one million minutes and raise up to $100,000 for scholarship funds.


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