Middle School Matters

Important Dates

  • School-wide Spelling Bee:  Thursday, January 11, at 1:45 p.m.

  • Reading Rally Begins:  Thursday, January 11

  • IT2 Grades and Comments Released:  Thursday, January 11

  • Noon Dismissal:  Friday, January 12

  • MLK Holiday:  Monday, January 15

  • Reading Rally Dress Day:  Tuesday, January 16

  • Reading Rally Dress Day:  Monday, January 22

  • Reading Rally Dress Day/Winter Sports Pep Rally:  Monday, January 29

  • Reading Rally Ends:  Sunday, February 4

  • Reading Rally Dress Day:  Monday, February 5


As many of you know, the athletics department has tested a few different ways to manage carpool pick-up after athletics practices to ensure student safety. Based on parent feedback, we are making a change to those procedures for the 3:45 p.m. athletics pick-up. This change will go into effect on Monday, January 8. The process will align with the 1:40 p.m. athletics pick-up procedures that takes place on game days for students leaving at the beginning of 6th period. Please follow these procedures for the 3:45 p.m. athletics pick-up, beginning Monday, January 8:

  • Please pull into the back carpool lanes sometime after 3:35 p.m. Park in lane 2 or 4 ONLY.
  • Students will be released from athletics at 3:45 p.m. You should expect that it might take them a few minutes to gather their personal belongings in the locker room before coming out to the cars.
  • As students exit the building, they will need to walk down lane 3 ONLY. If you see your child or another child walking in any other lane, please correct them, as this is for their safety.
  • When your child (and any other children riding with you) have safely loaded, you may exit using lane 1 or 5 ONLY (the lane on the outside closest to the lane in which you are parked). Please be very careful, as you exit, to yield to students who are walking into lane 3 to load cars or who are walking across the carpool lane that is parallel to the building.
  • Our top priority in any carpool pick-up is to keep our students safe. We hope this process will run smoothly for you, and we appreciate your cooperation!


Thank you to those of you who continue to pray for Pike Petersen and his family.  Pike got to go home on December 29, several days earlier than expected! Pray for continued encouragement and strength for him. Pike will have to remain in isolation over the next couple of months while he waits for the bone marrow transplant to take full effect in his body. Here are some specific ways you can pray for Pike right now:

  • Pike begins another round of low-dose chemo on January 12. Pray that the treatment goes well and that his body continues to respond well.
  • Pray that his body would continue to receive the transplant well. He is on anti-rejection meds to help that process, so pray for his parents that they can keep the proper regimen going at home.
  • Pray that the Lord will meet Pike’s needs for social interaction.
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to meet the practical needs of the Petersen family.

Celebrating Goodness
January 4, 2024

We have seen many examples of goodness in our students this past week.  Here are just a few!

  • Class Eight met all together for Bible this morning. After the meeting was over, Mr. Netherland on our facilities team began re-setting the room for class. Several Class Eight boys jumped in—unprompted—to help him. This group of young men has been a blessing to others in many ways, and it is wonderful to see their hearts of service.
  • In Classes Five and Six, when a student has to be absent, another student takes notes and gathers assignments for the absentee. These scribes, as we call them, consistently serve their classmates with diligence, and it makes re-entry much smoother for the student who has to be out. They sometimes leave notes for each other on the assignment sheets that are encouraging (one student wrote to an absentee yesterday, “We miss you.”). This is a simple way to demonstrate care, but it means a great deal.

Thursday, January 11

We will have our annual spelling bee on Thursday, January 11, at 1:45 p.m. in the Great Hall. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our entire Middle School student body to support their class representatives in what always proves to be a highly competitive match-up of excellent spellers!  Parents and other family members are invited to attend the spelling bee. Congratulations to this year’s competitors:

  • Class Five:  Luke Green, Andrew Hall, Flannery Hendricks
  • Class Six:  Rhodes Abbott, Knox MacFadyen, and one more student (TBD)
  • Class Seven:  Emily Chung, Vivi Wolters, Jack Zugaro
  • Class Eight:  Hawi Alem, Lawson Boutros, Ava Hall

In the event that any of these students are unable to compete on the day of the spelling bee, we also have runners up, ready to step in.  Congratulations, too, to this year’s runners up:

  • Class Five:  Wesley Martinez, William Martinez, Nate Zugaro
  • Class Six:  TBD
  • Class Seven:  Noah Hendricks, Silas Porter, Caroline Younger
  • Class Eight:  Adriana Crook


The first day of each school week during Reading Rally, we have a school-wide Reading Rally Dress Day (see specific dates above). This is a fun opportunity for our students to show their school spirit and their support of each other as they accomplish the monumental task of reading hundreds of thousands of minutes and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for our tuition assistance program!

The Reading Rally Dress Day guidelines are as follows:

  • Students must wear this year’s Reading Rally t-shirt.
  • Wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath the Reading Rally t-shirt is permissible.  Students should refrain from wearing sweatshirts or other long-sleeved articles over the Reading Rally t-shirt.  Students in Classes Seven and Eight MAY wear their Providence fleeces.
  • Jeans (without tears, frays, rips, or holes) are permitted.  Girls should refrain from wearing leggings of any kind.
  • Nice shorts (not athletic shorts) are permitted.  Shorts should be of an appropriate (fingertip) length.
  • Students should wear closed-toe, closed-heel shoes.
  • Students should refrain from wearing caps or hats.
  • Students are always welcome to wear their normal school uniform, if they prefer.