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Providence Christian School - Dallas, TX

Biblical Stewardship

Providence is committed to biblical stewardship. For Christians, stewardship is the realization that everything we have in our lives—our time, our talents, our resources, and our families—are gracious gifts from God, and that He owns it all, not just a fraction or percentage. It is our responsibility, therefore, to wisely, intelligently, and carefully manage all that we have been given by God in a way that pleases Him. This biblical stewardship philosophy is discussed by well-known author, Ron Blue, in his book Generous Living: Finding Contentment through Giving.

“The amount of money you have has nothing to do with financial security or contentment. Neither can satisfaction be found in wise investments, careful budgets, or debt-free living. Instead, the secret to financial freedom and joy is directly linked to one thing: the willingness to be generous with what you have. That one ingredient and the ingredient that makes true freedom possible is generosity: the willingness to use your time, talents, and material to benefit others and impact eternity.”

Stewardship of Resources

Providence is committed to administrative leanness so that most of its budget goes directly to instruction. The Providence faculty is committed to wise and frugal use of resources, from making photocopies to changing textbooks to turning out the lights. Finally, Providence is committed to making a Providence education not only the best education available, but also the best value available.

Simplicity In Fundraising Events—Keeping Things As Simple As Possible

Providence encourages an atmosphere in which the simpler things of life are valued. As, simplicity relates to fundraising, the School chooses not to raise funds through elaborate social events that demand a tremendous number of volunteer hours and a great deal of expense, thereby excluding families who cannot afford to participate in such events.

How Does Providence Raise Needed Funds?

Providence is committed to not “nickel and diming” our parents through multiple fundraisers. Providence only has three fundraisers each year. The money from these fundraisers is used to fund the School’s financial aid program, which awards approximately $175,000 to $300,000 in grants to about thirty-five students whose families demonstrate legitimate financial need.

  1. Fall Book Fair – This longstanding Providence tradition and three-day event, brings to our school community a literal treasure-trove of the finest, time-honored children’s literature. It not only features popular in-print classics, but also wonderful vintage out-of-print books and classic reprints. It is a tremendous opportunity for parents to build family libraries that will enrich their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.
  2. Reading Rally – This long-standing Providence tradition engages our entire student body and their families in a major reading effort. After students have secured their reading rally sponsors, they read diligently for a three-week period. The students typically read a total of over one million minutes and raise up to $100,000.
  3. The Annual Fund Drive – Providence parents are asked each year to participate in the School’s Annual Fund Drive. The primary purpose of the Annual Fund Drive is to raise the necessary funds to meet the difference between the School’s annual budget and tuition received. By raising funds in this manner, the School is able to maintain affordable tuition and provides donors a tax deduction for their charitable gifts. It is the goal that 100% of Providence parents participate in the Annual Fund Drive—every gift, regardless of the amount, is welcomed and needed!

Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns occur periodically to raise funds for capital needs.

Designated Gift

Provides funds for a specific purpose; please add specific details in the box provided on the online form.

General Fund

Provides unrestricted funds for the School

Stock Gifts

If you would like to give a gift of stock to Providence, please notify Jill McClung, Development Director, at 214-302-2811 or cell 214-770-5515. You will need the Providence account number and DTC number. (click here for form including DTC number) In order for you to receive credit for your gift, you or your stockbroker will need to give the name of the stock and the number of shares to our contact, Mike Travis at Select Investing, 214-373-6493


Endowments support Providence by perpetually providing income from a donor’s donated asset. Endowments allow for only the earnings of a gift, not the principal, to be used to further the mission of Providence. Endowments allow donors to have the security of knowing that their gift is still working for Providence, continuing to produce income that will prepare young people to know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and excellent and to prepare them to live purposefully and intelligently in the service of God and man.

Currently, Providence has four endowments:

  1. The Jennifer Stroud Scholarship Endowment: Contributions to this endowment help fund Providence’s Scholarship Program.
  2. The Sydney Myna Thweatt Scholarship Endowment: Contributions to this endowment help fund Providence’s Scholarship Program.
  3. The Sydney Myna Thweatt Endowment for Teacher Excellence: Contributions to this endowment help fund programs which promote teacher excellence at Providence.
  4. The 25th Anniversary Endowment: Contributions to this fund support  Providence’s Scholarship Program.

Planned Giving Opportunities

Planned gifts allow you to make a commitment today that will help Providence continue to fulfill its mission for generations to come.

There are many ways you can make a planned gift. Planned gifts can be established through a will or life insurance policy or can be made through charitable trusts, and other similar arrangements. Additionally, a planned gift can occur through an outright gift of a major asset—even a gift of cash. Whether a planned gift immediately benefits Providence or benefits our school in the future, consider having your gift added to Providence’s endowment funds.

Seven Ways You Can Help Providence Continue Its Mission

  1. Outright gifts of cash
  2. Outright gifts of securities
  3. Outright gifts of real estate
  4. Gifts by will
  5. Gifts through life insurance
  6. Gifts through charitable trusts
  7. Gift your home to Providence while continuing to live there

For additional information on giving to Providence Christian School of Texas, contact our Director of Development, Jill McClung, at 214-302-2811 (work) or 214-770-5515 (cell), or our Business Manager, Bill Sharp, at 214-302-2808.

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