Core Values of the Athletic Department


We derive the core values of the Providence Athletic Department from the Mission Statement of the School. Providence seeks to “respect students as unique individuals created in the image of God. We are dedicated to helping them realize their highest potential—spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and creatively.” Our athletic program includes the Physical Education program and is designed to develop the students’ physical fitness, athletic skills, and character.


There are eleven core values within the athletics department. Each coach strives to instill the following core values in every athlete:

  1. Diligence … they are hard workers; they keep to the task and finish it.
  2. Discipline … they conduct themselves—mentally, morally, and physically—in an orderly and obedient fashion.
  3. Humility … they are free from pride and arrogance, admitting that God is responsible for their achievements.
  4. Integrity … they are what they claim to be and demonstrate moral excellence in their lives as they consistently do what is right.
  5. Confidence … they have full trust and belief in the trustworthiness of God.
  6. Self-control … they use wise self-restraint in all aspects of life.
  7. Responsibility … they are dependable; they know what they need to do and they do it.
  8. Submissiveness … they believe that God works through authorities; they are willing to yield to someone else’s authority, judgment, or decision.
  9. Attentiveness … they demonstrate complete interest in the words, actions, and feelings of someone else.
  10. Supportiveness … they help others by giving encouragement, courage, hope, and confidence through words and actions.
  11. Contentment … they are happy and satisfied with what they have.

In addition, each coach teaches and exemplifies the following characteristics:

  • Safety … we maintain the highest safety standards at all times.
  • Christian Character … we focus on developing specific Godly character traits in our athletes.
  • Skill Development … we teach fundamental sport skills.
  • Participation … we provide opportunity for maximum participation.
  • Mentoring Relationships … we establish mentoring relationships between our coaches and athletes.
  • Competence … we build competent teams.
  • Competition … we build competitive teams.
  • Peer Relationships … we strengthen peer relationships.
  • Fun … we make the athletic experience enjoyable for the athlete.

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