From our founding, our aim has never been to shape souls primarily for worldly success;
we are shaping souls to live in God’s Kingdom. 
Our desire is to provide the students who have been placed in our care the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential by means of time-tested and classical instructional methods and curricula. However, it is not solely the mind we are training. We seek to influence the heart and souls of our students, to develop good habits, and to cultivate a love of learning so that our graduates leave with a deep faith in Jesus Christ, a commitment to His Word, and a desire to glorify God in His calling for their lives—whether that be as a pastor, a lawyer, or a stay-at-home parent. 
Below are some of the distinctives that have characterized the Providence education since its inception in 1989.

Classical Education

Providence is classical, meaning what we teach and how we teach is traditional, time-tested, and intellectually rigorous. We like to think of it as offering our students a feast of great ideas, rich literature, foundational truths and principles, and enduring traditions and skills. Additionally, the end goal of classical, Christian education is a virtuous, wise person. We place great importance on character formation through the practice of good habits and through imitation in the context of a nurturing relationship between the student and teacher.



Christian Education

Faith is at the heart of everything we do. Our greatest responsibility is to teach our students to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. Our faith informs the way we operate. Recognizing the Bible as the foremost and final authority in matters of thought and conduct, our School aims to be in direct alignment with God’s Word in all areas. We are a praying community, we express our faith in the pursuit of excellence, and we are committed to the spiritual formation of our faculty, staff, and families. We train our children in the godly characteristics necessary to become fruitful servants of the Lord and teach them how to apply Scripture to all areas of life and learning.


"In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."



Carefully Curated Curriculum

Children love what they know. Our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity, form habits, and teach students to perceive Christ in all of existence. It exposes young minds to the best—making the world, past and present, come alive to them. The curriculum is patterned after the traditional English preparatory school and leans toward the liberal arts. Reading and history form the basis for the teaching. Within the chronological study of history, various facets of each culture, including art, poetry, and architecture, are studied. Science and mathematics are taught through a hands-on approach, enabling students to participate in the scientific stewardship of this world. As an extension of our classical curriculum, we also teach nature studies, art, music, logic, and Latin.

Character Development

Our motto, Esse Quam Videri (to be rather than to seem), reminds us that teaching character is at the heart of the highest-quality education. Cultivating wisdom and character begins with a foundation of good habits such as prayer, reading God's Word, first-time obedience, problem-solving, and working hard. Everything we do leaves a lasting impression on a child. Our desire in building a foundation of good habits is to move students towards righteousness so that as they mature into adults, they will live lives of integrity and obedience to God.

“As has been well said, ‘Sow an act, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.’ And a great function of the educator is to secure that acts shall be so regularly, purposefully, and methodically sown that the child shall reap the habits of the good life, in thinking and doing, with the minimum of conscious effort.”




The Influence of

Charlotte Mason

Important aspects of our educational philosophy and pedagogy, particularly in the lower grade levels, are based on the theories and practices of British educator Charlotte Mason (1842-1923). Ideas like the study of nature, the practice of narration, and the recognition that students are a reflection of God are all influenced by Miss Mason’s teachings.




Providence is family-focused. We believe that God bestowed upon parents the privilege and responsibility of being the child’s primary teachers. Thus, one of our highest priorities is to help families flourish. We cherish the partnership that takes place between the School and the family, and we are committed to coming alongside you, as parents, to shepherd and raise your children according to the Bible.






Hours and Schedule

Providence intentionally chooses a shorter schedule to allow a child optimal time at home with you, the parents. It is not until third grade that a student goes to school all day, for five days a week. Even our sports practices finish at an earlier hour than most other schools. There is no busy work or “fluff” at Providence; every second is used to train our children something meaningful. The School focuses on what is most important—a core curriculum—to train the hearts, souls, and minds of our students. The modified schedule affords families the opportunity to reinforce their own family values through outside participation in church-related, educational, or volunteer activities.


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Shaping Souls for the Kingdom of God

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