Over its thirty years of existence, Providence has cultivated a culture that delights in reading.
Parents love to read to their children and to share book titles with each other. These same children go to the library excitedly, recommending titles to each other. Our dedicated teachers also encourage their students by reading the best in children’s literature throughout the year. 
We recognize that it is a laborious task to, amidst the twaddle that exists today, find good literature—books that have strong moral lessons, complex sentence structure, rich vocabulary, beautiful illustrations, and meaningful stories. We have collected our absolute favorite books, those we think every child should read, into our "35 Great Books by Grade" lists. In addition, we have much longer lists by grade. We invite you to use these as a resource to find books for your children and family. 

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A Culture that Delights in Reading

Forming Habits. Training Minds. Shaping Hearts.

“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.”



Reading Lists