2020-21 Tuition and Fees

Please know that Providence has a strong commitment to helping mission-appropriate families pay for a
Providence education. For more information, refer to our Financial Aid section.

PK6 (4 years old as of September 1)

PK8 (4 years old as of September 1)



KSB  (5 years old as of September 1) $5,800
K       (5 years old as of June 1) $7,800 (plus $1,000 Enrollment Fee)
Class One $17,000
Class Two $17,000
Class Three $17,700
Class Four $17,700
Class Five $18,350
Class Six $18,350 (plus $200 Educational Travel)
Class Seven $19,650 (plus $500 Educational Travel)
Class Eight $19,650 (plus $1,900 Educational Travel)


Notes Concerning Tuition

Download Tuition Refund Policy Here.

A one-time Enrollment Fee of $1,000 is required for each student in Kindergarten and all new students in Classes One through Eight.

Educational Travel for Classes Six, Seven, and Eight is a required and valuable part of the Providence educational experience. The Educational Travel for Class Six involves a weekend discipleship retreat; Class Seven travel involves a multiple-day Texas history tour; and Class Eight travel involves a week-long trip to Washington, D.C.

Tuition is payable in three methods: annual, semi-annual, or monthly pay plan. Upon acceptance to Providence, see admission documents for details about tuition payment options.

NOTE: Tax Cut and Jobs Act of December 2017 now allows use of 529 Plan funds to pay tuition (up to $10,000 per student) at private or religious elementary or secondary schools. To view full document click here.

Credit card users—With the passing of HB1881 on June 9, 2015, an additional 3.5% will be added to any tuition payments involving the use of any type of credit card.

Tuition does not include all costs which may be incurred by the family. Examples of additional costs are: transportation to and from school, lunches, uniforms, various student activities, special field trips, and other miscellaneous expenses.

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