1. What is the total enrollment of the School, PK through eighth grade?
    We have over 450 students and over sixty faculty and staff.
  2. How many students are in each class?
    Class sizes are small so that each student will receive individual attention and have abundant opportunities to participate and lead. The number of students per class ranges from ten in PK to eighteen in the Middle School.
  3. Do the students wear uniforms?Providence Christian School uniforms
    Yes, students wear uniforms.
  4. Does Providence have a school library?
    Yes, we have a first-class library which houses our collection of rich, time-tested literature.  The library is used by all students; the inventory may be accessed through the website:  www.pcstx.org/books/library
  5. How do you define “classical” education?
    Providence defines “classical” education in the broad sense of being traditional, time-tested, and intellectually rigorous rather than in the narrower sense of being centered in Latin and Greek studies. A classical education is based on great ideas, great books (including primary sources when possible), foundational truths and principles, and enduring traditions and skills. See the Core Values for further explanation.
  6. Is Providence affiliated with any church or denomination?
    No, Providence is an independent, private, not-for-profit, Christian school.
  7. Does Providence have a cafeteria?
    We do not have a cafeteria, but there is a lunch-by-local-vendor program whereby students may purchase hot lunches several days per week. Some students prefer to bring a lunch daily.  Students usually eat outside, accompanied by their teachers. We encourage parents to join their children for lunch whenever they wish.
  8. What is Providence’s approach to homework?
    Generally, homework is assigned Monday through Thursday for first through fourth grade and Monday through Friday for fifth through eighth grade.  Homework is used to reinforce classroom instruction and develop students who are independent learners.  Providence endeavors to keep the homework load manageable and appropriate for the age level.  While the time spent may fluctuate from day to day and depend on the pace at which an individual student works, Providence uses the following approximate times to guide the assigning of daily homework:

    • First Grade: 30-45 minutes
    • Second Grade: 40-50 minutes
    • Third Grade: 50-60 minutes
    • Fourth Grade: 60 minutes
    • Fifth through Eighth Grade: 90 minutes
  9. What high schools do Providence eighth graders usually attend?
    Our eighth graders attend The Cambridge School of Dallas, Cistercian Preparatory School, Highland Park High School, The Hockaday School, St. Mark’s School of Texas, Trinity Christian Academy, Ursuline Academy of Dallas, and others.
  10. Why do young children only attend two or three mornings a week?
    We believe that early childhood training begins at home and that time spent in the early years with caring family members cannot be matched by additional hours spent in a classroom or in extracurricular activities. While we expose the children to pre-reading and writing skills and to math concepts, we are most interested in helping them develop a sense of wonder and curiosity.
  11. With a shorter schedule, are kindergarteners prepared to be successful in first grade?
    Yes, as a matter of fact, by the end of first grade, our students are reading, doing beginning multiplication, and generally performing in the top stanines on the ERB (Educational Records Bureau) standardized tests.
  12. Does Providence Offer Financial Aid?
    Yes, it is our desire that a Providence education is available to any accepted student who is desiring a classical, Christ-centered education. To that end, Providence offers partial financial aid to students in Classes K-Eight who demonstrate financial need. Parents may request Financial Aid as noted in the online re-enrollment instructions. See “Financial Aid.”
  13. What is the testing process for admission?
    • All PK applicants visit the campus for observation activities.  See “Application Process.”
    • Candidates for admission to K through fourth grade are tested by CATS (Collaborative Academic Testing Service) and visit the campus for observation activities.  See “Application Process.” Applicants for First through fourth grade are given a test during their campus observation.
    • Candidates for fifth through eighth grade take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) which is scheduled by the parents through the website www.iseetest.org.  These students also visit the campus and meet with the Director of Admission for additional assessment.
  14. Does Providence administer standardized testing?
    Yes, each spring all students in first through eighth grade take the CTP4 (Comprehensive Testing Program) which is produced by the ERB (Educational Records Bureau).  http://erblearn.org/services/ctp-overview
  15. Can students enter Providence in the Middle School?
    Yes, we welcome applicants to all middle school grades.  In fact, fifth grade is an especially good entry point into Providence.  If there are any gaps in a student’s learning, we will help the parents find resources to help prepare the student for success in our program.
  16. Are there leadership opportunities for Middle School students?
    Yes, we seek to provide leadership training and experience for our students through many school activities.  Some of the leadership opportunities open to students include: student government, musicals, academic clubs and competitions, athletics, and an annual service project.
  17. How does Providence approach technology in the classroom?
    Each classroom is outfitted with an LCD projector and document camera so that teachers may incorporate multimedia into their instruction.  However, for the students, Providence has chosen to keep the classroom emphasis on the content of the curriculum rather than on technology.  The students do not use computers in class and their work is primarily pencil and paper based.  In mathematics, the students utilize graphing calculators beginning in Seventh Grade (pre-algebra). Providence does provide access to a typing program, available to fourth through eighth grade students, whereby a student can learn basic typing skills at home.  In addition, Providence offers an optional summer technology class to reinforce the typing skills and to teach basic features of Microsoft Office.







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