Alumni/Parents Testimonies

WashburneOver the years, Providence parents and students have consistently attested to the strength and value of their Providence years. Here is a sampling:







Lucy Washburne, Alumni Director


“One of the things that I have enjoyed is the commitment to word of God at Providence. I know that what my wife and I are teaching at home is being taught in the classroom as well. The centrality of the word of God is seen through the teachers who speak about their own passion for the word of God and connect God’s word to the subject that is being taught, I am very encouraged to know that the word of God is central to Providence.”

Mark Davis
Head Pastor, Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Providence Parent

“Being in the friendly and caring Christian environment daily gave me the confidence to be friendly to others. It made it easy for me to stay committed to my values even when I am around others with different values.”

Leila Cornelius
Class Eight, 2001
Highland Park, 2005
Texas A & M Business Honors, 2009
MBA SMU Cox School of Business

“Providence’s greatest asset is its Christian emphasis. The integrated Christian world view with God at the center gave me a strong foundation for my college experience in which my faith was challenged.”

Daniel Foose
Class Eight, 2000
Cistercian Preparatory School, 2004
U.S. Naval Academy, 2008
U.S. Navy Active Duty

“My elementary and junior high years at Providence made me appreciate education. The School’s classical approach to literature and history, as well as my excellent teachers, laid a foundation that I could build on in high school. I still have an interest in a wide variety of subjects (I have chosen to continue my education at Harvard Business School), and I credit Providence with my continued appreciation for learning.”

Matt Ashbaugh
Class Eight, 2000
Lake Highlands, 2004
University of Texas, Austin Plan II, 2008
MBA Harvard Business School


“Providence gave me strong friendships centered in Christ that continually bless me to this day.”

“As a Providence student, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. My teachers made such a big impact on me that I wanted to be that same role model for students in my classroom.”




Stephanie Scudder
Class Eight, 2007
Highland Park High School, 2011
University of Texas at Austin, 2015
Class Three Teacher, Providence Christian School

Work picture“Providence offered me a Christ-centered, holistic education, which served as the foundation I needed to succeed not just through further schooling, but throughout life. Without the education I received at Providence, I simply would not be where I am today.”





Hunter Lockhart
Class Eight, 2003
Cistercian Preparatory School, 2007
Texas A&M, 2011
M.S. in Geology from Rice University, 2013
Research Geologist at BHP Billiton, Houston, TX

“There are so many ways Providence impacted our family, but the one that stands out to me the most is how Providence made me a better parent. I learned from teachers and fellow parents how to parent my children with more purpose, patience and with the focus of God’s design for their lives.”

Elizabeth Hurley
Former Providence Parent



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