Our educational approach is unique. We focus not only on the curriculum, but also on the process as well. How we teach our children is immensely important. We engage our students in the educational process with a purpose of igniting curiosity and inspiring a lifetime of learning. Every aspect of our school—from our daily schedule to our tradition of greeting guests upon their entrance into a classroom—is intentional in preparing children to reach their full potential, train their minds, strengthen their character, and enrich their spirits.
Children spend the majority of their day at school, so we recognize the significance of this decision. Just as we use the admission process to determine if a family and student are the right fit for Providence, we welcome you to do the same as you prayerfully consider your educational options. We invite you to visit our campus, ask questions, and get to know our community so that you can confidently make the best decision for your family.
We invite you to fill out our inquiry form below or contact our team. We are eager to meet you and share more about Providence!


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