Our transformative education will bear much fruit for decades to come—lifelong dividends on the investment you choose to make now.
Our faculty and staff daily invite our children into a rich curriculum aimed at wisdom and virtue, as they model for them an authentic faith and love of learning. They are shaping their affections and intellects for the things of Christ’s kingdom and providing opportunities to form habits that display those values. 
In alignment with our Core Values, we take the responsibility of setting tuition seriously. We monitor rising costs so that the education delivered continues to be of high quality year after year. We carefully budget tuition revenue to fully fund all of the School’s operating costs and are committed to running a debt-free institution. The School desires to make Providence not only the best education available, but also the best value available.


We recognize that our tuition is a significant investment, which often requires sacrifice on behalf of the parents. We desire to make Providence accessible to all mission-appropriate and like-minded families. To fulfill this desire, for qualifying families we have a Tuition Adjustment program which adjusts our tuition rate according to a family’s financial position. In short, we want to do whatever we can to alleviate any financial barrier that may preclude a family from providing their children a Providence education.


Our Commitment

We are committed to helping mission-minded families experience a Providence education. In the 2020-2021 school year, Providence offered $789,250 in tuition adjustments. Tuition adjustment decisions vary, taking into consideration a family’s complete financial situation as well as the number of children enrolled in private school and/or secondary education. Our tuition assistance program has helped countless families afford a Providence education, with the highest adjustment being 80% off of tuition. 

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees


PK(6)—4 years old as of September 1


PK(8)—4 years old as of September 1


KSB—5 years old as of September 1


Kindergarten—5 years old as of June 1


Class One $17,550
Class Two $17,550
Class Three $18,300
Class Four $18,300
Class Five $18,950
Class Six $18,950 (plus $200 Educational Travel)
Class Seven $20,300 (plus $500 Educational Travel)
Class Eight $20,300 (plus $1,900 Educational Travel)


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