Since the creation is itself a revelation of God, then the study of it will reveal God. Science reveals God’s unchanging faithfulness and orderliness by teaching students to understand the language of the creation. This scientific language and literacy is a must for the future Christian leader of a society that is becoming increasingly technologically oriented. Students are taught through the five steps of the scientific method; to think and speak scientifically; and learn in laboratory settings that emphasize hands-on discovery. Science forms a foundation for further study in math, and the problem-solving and critical thinking skills developed in the process of studying science are transferable to other disciplines. Therefore, the student will be a better decision-maker and more confident in the logic stage of classical education.

student looking in microscope in science lab - Providence Christian School - Dallas TXScience courses in the Middle School give students a strong foundation in the scientific disciplines. After completing an introductory course to physical science in Class Five, students explore earth science in Class Six, marveling at God’s handiwork in the many landforms, resources, and weather patterns He created. Through their studies in life science, Class Seven students examine the organisms, cellular structures, and processes that support and multiply life on earth. The Class Eight physical science course delves into critical concepts of chemistry and physics, applying their mathematical understanding and preparing students for more advanced studies in high school. Providence’s science program aims at grounding students in foundational scientific knowledge and providing them with a Christ-focused lens through which to view their study of creation.



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