Strength and Conditioning


The goals of Providence Christian School’s strength and conditioning program include:

  • The development of Christian character
  • The increase of core strength
  • The allowance for daily physical exercise
  • The increased knowledge of physical fitness
  • The increase of flexibility
  • The development of a teachable spirit
  • The increase of speed and quickness
  • The increase of upper body strength
  • The development of proper form and technique

Providence premises its physical education policy on St. Paul’s ideas that “our bodies are not our own” because we “are bought with a price,” and thus our bodies are the “temple of the Holy Spirit.” Upon these premises we build an athletic program whose penultimate goal is to inspire a lifetime of enjoyment in a variety of physical activities, but whose ultimate goal is to “present our bodies as living sacrifices holy and acceptable to the Lord.” As God has given us bodies finely adapted for His service, He also gives us the responsibility to nourish our bodies in health, to strengthen and refine our bodies in physical education and competitive sports, and to train our bodies to be fit for future service to God. Providence believes athletic and physical training produces lifelong results in students, strengthening the body, mind, and character through discipline, skills acquisition, consistent practice, self-control, and teamwork.

Classes Five and Six participate in strength and conditioning classes every school day.  The focus is on developing personal physical fitness habits, coordination, and teamwork skills.  The students learn specific skills to enhance abilities in various sports.  In addition to attendance in daily strength and conditioning classes, students in Classes Five and  Six have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular athletics programs through parent-organized community teams such as those offered through the YMCA.

Students in Classes Seven and Eight may participate in strength and conditioning classes or they may participate in a variety of school-sponsored teams in major sports such as football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross-county, and track.


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