Foreign Language


Providence believes that language study promotes the intellectual development of all of our students and will be valuable to the Christian ministry. As we do not know whether particular students will be led to ministry requiring faculty in Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, or some other language, and in keeping with our classical tradition, Providence instructs all students in Latin, beginning in Class Four and continuing through Class Eight.

students studying Latin - Providence Christian School - Dallas TXWhile Latin is not a spoken language in the world today, it has significant value for modern students. First, Latin provides a foundation that makes modern languages easier to learn. Second, it promotes structured, logical thinking. Third, it increases students’ English vocabulary. And, fourth, the study of Roman history and culture is foundational to an understanding of Western civilization. Upon completion of Class Eight, Providence students enter high school with two full years of high school credit in Latin.

Latin provides the following benefits to our students:

  • promotes structured, logical thinking
  • increases students’ English vocabulary
  • promotes the study of Roman history and culture which is foundational to an understanding of Western Civilization
  • comprises the basis for all Romance languages, thus preparing students for other language study
  • increases average SAT scores over non-Latin students’ scores
  • is the root language for 60% of most sophisticated English words


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