Fine Arts

Equipping Students With the Means To Worship God Through The Arts


Musicstudents singing in music class - Providence Christian School - Dallas TX

In music class, Providence Middle School students receive training in vocal technique appropriate for the changing voice. They are also introduced to basic music theory and sight singing. In addition, they become familiar with primary composers and master works within each of classical music’s five historical periods.

Students in Classes Six through Eight who love to sing may also participate in the Honors Choir.


student drawing in art class - Providence Christian School - Dallas TXArt requires both aesthetic appreciation and creative expression. As Christians, we acknowledge God as the ultimate artist. The universe is His canvas, including our minds and souls. Created “en imago dei,” we thus possess an innate capacity to create in all spheres of human endeavor including art. Such creativity witnesses to the impress of deity upon our souls, mirroring His image in us and radiating His mind through us as we create. As a classical and Christian school, we explore great works of art by past masters filtered through a Christian world view. Such exploration enables us to experience the intellectual and emotional power of artistic genius, while cultivating in ourselves our own creative potential and the aesthetic discernment to critique art with the mind, eye, and ear of God. On a practical level, we study artistic methods to understand how to manipulate various media and create certain artistic styles. Such study not only improves our fine motor skills and refines our aesthetic sensibilities, it also quickens our understanding of God’s awesome creative power. Classes Five through Eight attend art classes weekly.

DramaPhotos depicting a day in the life on the campus of Providence Christian School of Texas on Thursday, April 28, 2016 in Dallas.

The annual Providence musical provides both singing and acting opportunities for students desiring this type of creative experience. Past student performances include: Seussical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Godspell Jr., and Annie Jr. to name a few.

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