Science/Nature Studies


Since the creation is itself a revelation of God, then the study of it will reveal God. Science reveals God’s unchanging faithfulness and orderliness by teaching students to understand the language of the creation. This scientific language and literacy is a must for the future Christian leader of a society that is becoming increasingly technologically oriented. Students are taught through the five steps of the scientific method; to think and speak scientifically; and learn in laboratory settings that emphasize hands-on discovery. Science forms a foundation for further study in math, science, and, the problem-solving and critical thinking skills developed in the process of studying science are transferable to other disciplines. Therefore, the student will be a better decision-maker and more confident in the logic stage of classical education.

students examining a snake skin during Science/Nature Studies - Dallas TXStudents in Pre-kindergarten through Class Four enjoy nature studies. Studying nature enables children to fulfill their covenant obligations to nurture and care for the earth and the plants and creatures with which God has filled it. In the nature-study approach, the children learn that God made everything for a purpose. Whenever possible, the children study an organism in its environment, seeing its relation to the world about it and the features which enable it to function in its surroundings. The study of nature is an aesthetic experience as well as a discipline. It is an opening of the eyes to the individuality, the ingenuity, the personality of each of the unnoticed life forms around us. Nature study is not merely a study of life but an experience of life.

In Classes Three and Four, the study of science is added to the curriculum. Students in Class Three study the human body including skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. Students observe and participate in dissections including a cow’s eye and a pig’s heart. Students in Class Four study earth science, including the study of our solar system. One of the highlights of this study is that students use their creativity to make their own solar systems using whatever materials they desire.

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