Language Arts


Providence particularly emphasizes our students’ comprehensive understanding and competent use of the English language. Accordingly, the Providence language arts curriculum:

student in Language Arts class at Providence Christian School - Dallas TX

  • Teaches students to read phonetically, with great care taken by the School to the foundation laid;
  • Teaches reading, writing, and spelling in an integrated format;
  • Teaches and requires correct grammar and mechanics;
  • Encourages neat, consistent penmanship, so that students’ written words are legible and pleasing to the eye;
  • Discourages slang, colloquialisms, and verbal tics such as “um,” “yeah,” or “like’;
  • Aims to encourage students to delight in books and acquire the habit of reading for a lifetime by helping them gain the common knowledge necessary for reading comprehension;
  • Encourages students to read classic works of literature; and
  • Teaches students to memorize Bible passages, poetry, and great speeches. In contrast to the current thinking of progressive educators, Providence believes that memorization and recitation provide significant benefits to children’s intellectual development, especially in strengthening language skills.


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