History and Geography


At Providence, we study the past to understand the present and plan for the future. Philosophically, as a classical school, we emphasize the study of Western history and culture, but we also recognize the increasing importance of non-Western cultures—such as those of China, India, and the Islamic nations—in the twenty-first century, and therefore we integrate the study of non-Western history and culture into our curriculum as appropriate. In practice, we explore history through chronology, philosophy, biography, geography, and economics. We emphasize primary texts and the biographies of great figures in history.children dressed up on Colonial Day at Providence Christian School - Dallas TX

Students in Classes One through Four study a variety of historical subjects, including different periods of American history and Texas history. Each spring, students celebrate the time period they have studied in a hands-on approach with special days as follows:

  • Class One—Colonial Day
  • Class Two—Pioneer Day
  • Class Three—Texas Day
  • Class Four—Patriot Day

students dressed up on Texas Day - Providence Christian School - Dallas TXMost importantly, we recognize that history is “His story”—that is, history witnesses to the sovereignty and providence of God at all times and in all events, and thus “to visit” and “to see” history is really to visit and to see His story.

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