Providence Chapel is carefully planned and directed to inspire students to worship in spirit and in truth. In short, Chapel is part of their education—spiritually, musically, and behaviorally. We do not simply aspire to fill students’ minds with great words and music; the higher goal is that the students of Providence Christian School will hear the truth of God and His Son, and respond in the Spirit with their minds and hearts. Our worship time in Chapel purposes to be “grace-filled.” The students learn that worship is a conversation: God speaks to us, and we respond.

Hymns are the best musical source available to us to teach about God and His redemptive work. They affirm and incarnate the truth of Scripture, our ultimate source of God’s Word. They model excellence of expression with which to address God in the dialogue of worship. Hymns equip our students for leadership in the church and in the world by laying groundwork of intelligent, thoughtful theology as expressed historically by some of the “cloud of witnesses” (Heb. 12:1) who have gone before us.

We believe Chapel should help participants become better worshippers in their private times. We recognize that Providence students attend churches that represent a wide variety of worship styles from liturgical to traditional to the very contemporary. Our Chapel service may be quite different from that to which they are accustomed. But we believe Providence’s Chapel will help them become better worshippers no matter what their family’s denomination or its style of worship service may be.

We believe worship is to be shared among families. So, we welcome and encourage families to come to the weekly Chapel service and worship alongside the students.

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