Fine Arts

Musicstudents singing in music class - Providence Christian School - Dallas TX

Providence teaches music to every student. God’s word exhorts us to celebratory praise, reverential worship, and skillful expression of our faith through singing and through playing instruments. God’s grace equips all of us with the means to worship Him through music, and Providence’s music program purposes to develop our students’ musical skills. This process begins with teaching students to listen and hear discriminately in order to understand musical ideas, to sing correctly and accurately, and to have a working understanding of music notation. Students also become familiar with the traditional and classical music of our heritage. This includes folk songs of Western culture, classical music composed in the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries, and the historical hymnody of our Christian heritage. Ultimately, Providence’s music curriculum challenges students to appreciate excellence in music—which often means to reject the prevalent music of contemporary culture. An understanding and love for the classic, traditional values of music teaches Providence students to know and discern what is good, true and beautiful.



students in art class - Providence Christian School - Dallas TXArt encompasses both aesthetic appreciation and creative expression. As Christians, we acknowledge God as the Ultimate Artist. The universe is His canvas, including our minds and souls. Created in His image, we thus possess an innate creative capacity. Such creativity witnesses to the impress of deity upon our souls, mirroring His image in us and radiating His mind through us as we create. As a classical and Christian school, we explore great works of art by past masters filtered through a Christian perspective. Such exploration enables students to experience the intellectual and emotional power of artistic genius while cultivating their own creative potential and aesthetic discernment. Students additionally study artistic methods in various media to learn how to create artistic works of their own.  Each school year concludes with Fine Arts Day display of each student’s best work during the year.


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