A Portrait of the Providence Graduate

The Providence graduate serves others out of genuine concern for their well-being. He exhibits honesty, humility, respect, integrity, and obedience to Jesus Christ in a life characterized by prayerful discernment. Well-mannered and gracious, this student has cultivated an intrinsic love of learning. He appreciates the masters of literature and fine arts, is knowledgeable in history, and is grounded in the fundamentals of math and science. He is a lifelong learner and pursuer of wisdom. He engages the great conversation of the Western tradition and gives articulate oral and written expression to his thoughts. The graduate is physically active and fit, committed to a healthy lifestyle. Confident, independent, self-disciplined, and responsible, the biblically-grounded Providence graduate stewards his gifts for God’s glory above all else. Equipped for leadership, prepared to discover his vocation, and dependent on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this student seeks knowledge and understanding in the fear of the Lord.




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