In an effort to offer her own children a rigorous education centered around intellect, spiritual growth, and character, Robin Lewis founded Providence Christian School in 1989. With a foundation rich in biblical principles, Mrs. Lewis prayerfully and thoughtfully developed Providence's approach to education. She traveled the world visiting and observing different educational institutions and took the best of what she witnessed and developed the Providence education. It is one of intentionality, with thought and purpose given to every activity and instructional endeavor. Through the devoted work of Mrs. Lewis and the other founding board members, Bonnie and Doug Thompson, Rhonda and Ned Reynolds, and Sara Staley, Providence has continued to provide a high-quality, classical, Christian education for more than thirty years.
Since the commencement of Providence, Mrs. Lewis went on to establish four other schools across the United States:

We have a deep commitment to carrying out Mrs. Lewis’ original vision. While many schools continually rethink and alter their approach in a pursuit of relevance, we find great value in holding steadfast to what we know is true. The future has always been uncertain and changing, but humanity at its core remains the same. We focus on what we need in this and all days ahead—wisdom. Wisdom arises from a deep sense of history, a profound knowledge of humanity, awe and love for one’s Creator, and a faith and trust in His loving care. Because there is great stability in this approach, our faculty—which have an average tenure of 10 years—are able to become true masters of their subjects.

Over the past thirty years, God has been faithful to sustain and bless Providence. His Hand of providence has guided the School through trial and triumph.

A History of Providence
We invite you discover the milestones that have hallmarked our community for more than thirty years.

Providence Christian School opened at Northwest Bible Church with 17 students in Classes One through Four. The name was chosen because of the meaning of the word “providence”the act of providing, exercising foresight, or preparing; divine guidance or care. Our crest was designed by Bonnie Thompson this same year.



Then at 64 students total, the School relocated to the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, also known as the “Greenville Campus.”


Discontinuing the red uniforms, the students debuted the new “Providence plaid,” which was inspired by a uniform from an Australian school.



The first Providence Paragon, which highlights different students’ writings, is published. Additionally, the School began to classify grade levels as “Class One” instead of “first grade”. The Reading Rally, our annual fundraiser, also began this same year.


At 370 students, Providence added Shearith Israel to its list of locations. This was the last location we rented before purchasing our very own campus. This also was the year our Athletic program and Class Eight Washington D.C. trip began.



Providence finally purchased a permanent campus on Lovers Lane! While the exterior remains the same, the interior was completely renovated to enhance the experience of the students.



Along with the first publication of our Annual Report, Providence added space for a new Enrichment (now called Early Learners) wing, Library, full-sized Gym, and Middle School.


After reading all 35 Great Books for their grade, the first group of students were inducted into the “Headmaster’s Reading Society.”


The renovation of the Providence Field made a remarkable difference for our School. The Field continues to be utilized for sports, playtime, and outdoor learning activities.


The last of the campus renovation projects—the updating of the Great Hall and the Providence Field—were completed. Plus, Providence reached a record enrollment at 478 students! 



In an effort to strengthen and clarify the Providence brand, the School refreshed the crest, logo, and colors, and also introduced a new element—the submark.




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