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It is a great honor and privilege to serve as Headmaster of Providence Christian School. Since 2005, I have worked in a variety of roles at this school: a math, English, and history middle school teacher and the Head of Middle School.
Having worked in the Middle School for many years, I have seen the remarkable transformation that happens at Providence. I have seen shy, insecure boys and girls grow into confident leaders able to speak publicly in Chapel about the truths God is teaching them personally. I have watched mature fourteen-year-olds debate important ideas in the classroom, spearhead service projects for the student body, and use their artistic and musical gifts to bless the community. As a school, we mark this growth in character and maturity in our Class Eight graduation ceremony—a time where we publicly recognize the character qualities and unique gifts God has given each of them. It is a powerful event that both declares the men and women they are becoming and showcases the degree to which students are known and cared for as individuals.
In recent years, I have also become more attuned to how this process begins early at the youngest grades through my own children’s experience at Providence. I have seen a love for hymns, art, nature, and literature develop to a degree that challenges and inspires me. It is a joy to witness the younger students develop habits of hard work and perseverance, gracious attitudes of respect and deference to others, and appetites for what is good. 
At Providence, we take a long view approach of education. We believe that by offering an environment, faculty, and rich curriculum based on wisdom from the past, we are cultivating favorable conditions for the growth of men and women who are well-prepared for a life of wise, intelligent service of God and man. 
If this education resonates with you, then I invite you to explore further what is happening at Providence and consider joining with us in this endeavor to build the character, grow the intellect, and orient the hearts of our children toward what is good, true, and excellent.
Jeff Hendricks,


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