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Providence Christian School of Texas

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I am delighted to welcome you to Providence! We are a school community committed to our calling to partner with like-hearted families to develop the character, intellect, and faith of our students. Our desire in education is to shape children’s loves and orient them toward what is good, true, and excellent. Using an intentional approach and a rigorous, time-tested curriculum, we engage the whole child through meaningful experiences and inspiring faculty. A Providence education is one that sparks curiosity, celebrates integrity, and encourages an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the most compelling education I have ever encountered. I invite you to visit Providence to see if this education resonates with your family.

What is Classical, Christian Education?

intentional training of the loves

Classical, Christian education is an engaging form of training the heart, soul, and mind of a child. At its core are two characteristics: first, the end goal is a virtuous, wise person—a man or woman with a vibrant faith who is well prepared for a life of service to God and man. The exceptional curriculum at Providence is designed to not only feed our children’s developing intellect, but also to powerfully influence their affections. What a child cares about is primary. We meticulously select the finest art, literature, elements of nature, and music to let our students feast and explore. Our aim is for students to not only know the material, but also to love it; that it would form their hearts and characters. Second, classical education focuses on the process of learning. We believe learning happens most powerfully through imitation in the context of a loving relationship: a math teacher working example problems, an art teacher demonstrating the artistry of a masterpiece, or an English teacher grappling with a literary classic. All is designed to shape a child’s mind, strengthen his character, and enrich his spirit.

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Forming Habits. Training Minds. Shaping Hearts.

Seeing Christ in All Things

Christ’s image is indelibly imprinted on every human being; therefore, we treat all people as glorious image-bearers of God. Furthermore, because Christ permeates all of existence, we aim to perceive Him in all facets of the curriculum—in the design of a cell, the order of a mathematical equation, and the beauty of a work of art. He is in all things and in Him all things hold together.

Cultivating Intentional Partnerships

The School’s educational mission thrives in a community of strong relationships cultivated between its various constituents. We affirm the God-given responsibility of parents for their children’s formation and development. Therefore, we pursue a vibrant partnership with our families built on mutual trust and respect through active communication, experienced mentorship, and receptivity to each other’s insights into children’s growth and development.

Preparing Leaders for Purposeful Service

By teaching students to serve others out of genuine concern for their well-being, we train them to be selfless leaders. We kindle students’ natural curiosity, instill core convictions about what is noble and right, and point them toward wisdom. Our students learn to articulate their ideals with clarity and grow the confidence to act with courage.