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Mary Poppins JR. May 3 and 4

Come take a magical journey to the rooftops of London as Mary, Bert, and the rest of our colorful cast help remind the Banks family of what is truly important. We promise you will be swept away by a production that can only be described as “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”!  7:00 p.m., May 3 and 4.

Texas Day: April 25

On Thursday, April 25, Class Three students will put on their boots and jeans and hit the trail for Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano. There they will spend the day reliving Texas history.

Patriot Day: April 24

On Wednesday, April 24, Providence will be flooded with visitors from America’s past and present. Students will see Rosie the Riveter, hear Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters sing, and even learn to jitterbug. All this to reinforce the American history they have studied all year in Class Four.    

Pioneer Day: April 17

On Wednesday, April 17, Class Two students will pack their bags, load their wagons, and don appropriate costumes to travel back in time to 1853 and the Oregon Trail. This fun day of re-living history will include square dancing, games, and other period activities.

Class Seven Father/Daughter Dance April 14

Class Seven fathers and their daughters will don their Sunday best attire and dancing shoes for a dinner dance beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 14, at the Dallas Country Club. This special event will feature Mr. and Mrs. Netherland leading the evening’s dance portion of the program.

Colonists Settle the Great Hall - Providence Christian School - Dallas TX

Colonists Settle the Great Hall on April 10

On Wednesday, April 10, Class One students will don period costumes and travel back in time to colonial days.  The Great Hall will be transformed into a colonial settlement decorated with American Revolutionary flags and quilts. The students will spend the day learning from hands-on demonstrations about how the colonists lived.  What fun!    

Class Five Mesopotamia Day is April 3

On Wednesday, April 3, Egyptians, mummies, and the Tower of Babel will all come to Providence as students, in period costumes, get to re-live this period of history. Students will make ziggurats out of sugar cubes, play Egyptian bingo, fashion mosaics, and participate in Chariot races.