Boys’ and Girls’ Sports Information

Providence offers school-sponsored teams to Classes Six to Eight students in the following sports:


  • Boys’ Football, (7 games,  1 per week)
  • Girls’ Volleyball, (12-15 games, 2 per week)
  • Co-ed Cross Country, (6-8 meets per season, 1 per week)


  • Boys’  Basketball, (15-20 games, 2 per week)
  • Girls’  Basketball, (12-15 games, 2 per week)
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer (8-10 games, 2 per week)


  • Co-ed Track and Field (4-6 meets per season)
  • Girls’ and Boys’ Tennis, 2 tournaments plus matches
  • 7 on 7 Football


Each team will practice during the season every day, Monday through Friday. Practices are mandatory and will begin promptly at 1:45 p.m.and will last until 3:45 p.m. Each practice will last approximately two hours. In order for an athlete to participate in the game or games each week, he or she must attend every practice. Playing time is earned and is non-negotiable. The head coach of each team will make the final decision on the amount of playing time a team member will receive in a particular game.


Travel to away games will be the responsibility of the parents, working with the head coach for each team. In most cases, carpooling is arranged to ensure that every team member arrives at the game site by the predetermined time set by the head coach.

While the Providence Athletic Department has operated successfully without having our own buses, we will bus our athletes to some of the farthest game locations. Transportation for practice at Providence and close games is done by parent carpool.

Uniforms and Equipment

Providence provides each athlete with all needed practice and game uniforms and equipment. If a parent desires to purchase his or her child’s equipment other than what the School provides, such equipment must be approved by the director of athletics before it can be worn in practice or games.


Providence does not have an on-site trainer. All coaches have received first aid training and are CPR- certified in case of emergencies. Coaches are also trained and educated in concussion management.  In addition, there are portable defibrillators in several areas of the School if such a need arises.


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