Lower School

students in class at Providence Christian School - Dallas TX

The Lower School at Providence, Prekindergarten through Class Four, provides the primary level of learning in the classical framework. The programs emphasize student acquisition of core knowledge in a classical studies format. Students are shown in the early years how to enhance their educational experience by rehearsing all the habits and procedures needed for future learning and interacting in a community environment. The purpose of this emphasis is to reduce the possibility of lost instructional time because students are uncertain about classroom learning procedures.

The Lower School schedule begins with Bible time where students build an understanding of absolute truth. Students examine information, learn vocabulary, memorize rules, and narrate material as applicable to specific subjects. With a focus on narration, the children demonstrate their comprehension of the subject matter.

A key feature that distinguishes a Providence education from most modern approaches is that its students are carefully trained in language, that actual content forms its basis, and that reason and God’s Truth, rather than “feelings,” govern the conclusions students reach.

Providence Christian School studentsIn keeping with our philosophy of “less is more,” prioritizing small class sizes, and treasuring family time, school days at Providence are shorter than in most schools. PK (four as of September 1) is two half-days per week (six hours); Kindergarten for children with summer birthdays (KSB five as of September 1) is three half days a week (nine hours); Kindergarten (five as of June 1) is either two full days per week or three half days (twelve hours); Classes One and Two are dismissed at noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and stay all day on Tuesday and Thursday; Classes Three and Four are in class beginning at 8:00 a.m. and are dismissed at 2:45 p.m. five days per week.

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